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SAS Roofing & Building Ltd takes great pride in the reputation for outstanding workmanship we have achieved in the Epsom area. From our roof replacement work to a range of building services, and from roof repairs to roof moss removal, our personnel work to the highest possible standards on each and every job, no matter the size. As a customer-focused building and roofing company, we are always looking for ways to improve the experience of our clients. As such, we have listed below the services provided by our builders and roofers, and briefly outlined what they consist of.


1. Roof Repairs


The specifics of roof repairs vary on a case-by-case basis. For some Epsom homeowners, they can simply be small patch-up jobs, while others have the misfortune of needing much more extensive repairs. Then, of course, there’s everything in between. As a leading roofing company, we carry out roof repairs of every kind, from replacing broken tiles to repointing chimney stacks, and from repairing valleys to installing new fascias, soffits and guttering. When it comes to roof repairs in Epsom, our team of roofers does it all.


2. Roof Moss Removal


Quite simply, moss will eventually grow on the surface of a roof. After years of exposure to the elements, protective layers on roofing materials deteriorate, and they become increasingly porous. By absorbing more water, these materials stay damp for longer, encouraging moss to grow. Roof moss removal services undertaken by our roofers in Epsom clear these unsightly growths, returning roofs to an ‘as-new’ appearance. As a trusted roofing company, our roof moss removal service only involves scraping the surface clean followed by the application of a fungicide. Our roofers do not compromise the integrity of roofing materials.


3. Roof Replacement


Sometimes, roof repairs take on such an extensive nature that a complete roof replacement becomes more logical. If a roof in Epsom has large-scale tile damage and felt de-gradation, or if flat roofing has suffered significant cracks or sagging, our roofers encourage clients to consider a roof replacement as repairs will represent a false economy. In our position as an experienced roofing company, we can assure clients that, in the long-term, a roof replacement offers better value for money as it will require little-to-no maintenance work, let alone roof repairs, for many years to come. In comparison, a significantly repaired roof will fail again sooner rather than later.


4. Building Services


As a roofing and building company, we provide homeowners in Epsom with a range of construction services. Our builders and roofers specialise in loft conversions, home extensions and the installation of skylights, windows and doors. As time-served professionals sharing more than 20 years of trade and industry experience, we comply fully with UK Building Regulations at every turn, and our sites adhere to the latest Health & Safety legislation. Where necessary, in our role as your building and roofing company, we liaise with the local Epsom authorities to secure planning permission.


To view examples of the projects completed by our roofers and builders in Epsom, please visit the previous work page.

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