Roofing Company in Farnham | When do You Need Roofing Services?

Here at SAS Roofing & Building, we take pride in our reputation as the roofing company that can solve any roofing issue. Whether it’s any kid of roof repairs, roof moss removal or a complete roof replacement, our highly-trained, vastly-experienced roofers complete work to our own demanding standards. With our knowledge, homeowners in Farnham and the surrounding areas often ask us how they can keep ahead of problems with their roof in order to avoid costlier repairs.


Owing to their ‘out of sight, out of mind’ position on a property, homeowners often miss the signs that indicate a small problem with their roof. Usually, by the time a property owner in Farnham knows about a roof issue, some kind of roof repairs are already required.


But still, small roof repairs, or a roof moss removal service, carried out by our skilled roofers represent a far more palatable option than simply hoping for the best. This approach will likely land a homeowner with the need for a complete roof replacement in the near future.


In our role as a foremost roofing company in the Farnham area, we recommend homeowners undertake regular, safe inspections of their roof to assess its condition. Below, our roofers have outlined how to do this, and what to look out for, in a step-by-step guide.


Undertaking a Roof Inspection


Firstly, our team of roofers recommend roof inspections approximately every 12 months, particularly with a new roof replacement or flat roof. By doing this, any issues can be identified early and rectified quickly through roof repairs or roof moss removal. Delaying such action could hasten the decay of roofing materials and lead to Farnham homeowners making a call to the roofing company.


If possible, try to carry out roof inspections in the aftermath of extreme weather conditions. This increases the likelihood of catching problems like slipped tiles or dislodged fascias quickly. These jobs only require small roof repairs.


Our roofers recommend inspecting the roof of your Farnham property in the following way:


  • As a roofing company, we prioritise safety at all times, and we insist that our clients in Farnham do the same. Use a steady ladder that can safely support your weight
  • Be aware for patterns or stains that could indicate pools of water, particularly on flat roofs. This can indicate an uneven surface which may need a roof replacement
  • Assess the amount of moss present. These growths can mask issues beneath. If you have a lot of moss, a roof moss removal service can be carried out by our roofers
  • Look for tears, holes, ripples or blistering. These indicate that water ingress already takes place and requires the attention of our roofers to assess the damage
  • Check individual tiles for cracks or displacement. These small roof repairs prevent water penetrating to the inner roofing materials of a Farnham home
  • Inspect roofline products (fascias and soffits) for signs of damage. If these suffer cracks or holes, moisture can penetrate to the inner roof area
  • Ensure that guttering has no blockages that hinders water drainage. If water can’t drain, it can pool or spill down the side of a Farnham property


In our role as a locally-trusted roofing company, we cannot recommend strongly enough that Farnham homeowners practice the utmost caution and safety when inspecting their roofs.


If you have any doubts, or for any further, please speak to one of our roofers.

For more information on roof repairs, a roof replacement and roof moss removal in Farnham, call 01252 929 727, 07590 246 654 or 01428 909727.

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