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Here at SAS Roofing & Building Ltd, we understand that the motivation behind our Godalming clients’ requests vary greatly. Whether it’s overnight emergency roof repairs, roof moss removal for a cherished family home or a complete roof replacement to increase property value ahead of a move, as a respected roofing company, we view every job with the same level of importance. With a shared trade experience of more than 20 years, our roofers continue to complete projects of the highest quality to suit any style and taste requirements.


If you’re looking to undertake work that will add long-term property value, we are the locally-trusted roofing company in Godalming to see your project through to completion, on time and within budget.


We offer free, no-obligation estimates, and we don’t ask for any deposit payment. We firmly believe the results achieved by our roofers speak for themselves, and our satisfied clients across the region certainly agree.


Your Roofing Company for Added Property Value


Below, we’ve listed the ways our roof replacement work, roof repairs and roof moss removal represent a wise investment for homeowners in Godalming.


1. Roof Replacement


The installation of a new roof by professional roofers has a dramatic impact on the kerb appeal, and value, of your Godalming property. According to the results of a study by the website thisismoney, a complete roof replacement can return as much as 63% on the original investment. In comparison, this beats the value of more common, and popular, home improvements such as new kitchens and bathrooms.


Naturally, any final figure depends on the specifics of the roof replacement at hand, including the style and architectural value, but there’s little doubt that such work carried out by qualified, experienced roofers has a huge effect.


2. Roof Repairs


As a time-served roofing company in the Godalming area, we always endorse the value of high-quality roof repairs. In regard to property value, undertaking roof repairs instead of a roof replacement represents a more cost-effective option but, of course, the return on any investment will be less too. However, roof repairs carried out by reputable roofers will always improve kerb appeal and can play an important role in a quick, efficient sale.


Roof repairs vary greatly from home to home, so it’s impossible to place a specific value on their worth. Needless to say, a home with a fully functioning roof proves more appealing to a buyer than one with a leak.


For more information regarding the roof repairs carried out by our roofers in Godalming, please visit the new roofs and repairs page.


3. Roof Moss Removal


While we can’t place a specific percentage on how much roof moss removal increases property value, common sense tells us that when undertaken by skilled roofers, it can only be beneficial for those in Godalming looking to sell. The growth of moss is not only unsightly, it also raises doubts about the integrity of the roofing structure. It has even been known to hide small issues that later develop into bigger problems that require a phone call to a roofing company.


In these cases, roof moss removal often acts as the first step toward small roof repairs that, in turn, play a pivotal part in the increase of kerb appeal. When it comes to the valuing of a property, any increase kerb appeal is always a good thing.


SAS Roofing & Building Ltd also provides a full range of building services.

For further details regarding a roof replacement, roof repairs and roof moss removal in Godalming, talk to one of our roofers on 01483 399 727, 07590 246 654 or 01428 909727.

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