Roof Repairs & Roof Replacement in Haslemere | 5 Reasons to Choose Us

As a foremost roofing company in Haslemere and the surrounding areas, our clients choose us for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s our roof repairs, roof moss removal, roof replacement service or our range of building work, our customers know that SAS Roofing & Building Ltd always follow through with quality workmanship. Our builders and roofers working onsite in locations across Haslemere always report feedback given by clients. This is something we monitor closely in order to offer our customers the best possible service.


Below, we’ve listed 5 of the most popular reasons why homeowners in Haslemere pick us as their building and roofing company of choice.


1. Experience


SAS Roofing & Building Ltd was established as a roofing company in 2014, but our team of roofers and builders share more than 20 years of industry experience. With our knowledge of the trade, our clients in Haslemere can rest assured that we’ve already encountered every kind of job, and associated problems, there is.


2. Roof Repairs


As a time-served roofing company, we understand the natural concerns that arise when it comes to work such as roof repairs. There are few more dispiriting, disruptive things for a homeowner in Haslemere than a leaking roof. This is why we take great pride in the quality of the roof repairs provided by our team of roofers. Whether they’re Dry Ridge installations, tile replacements, chimney repointing or work on fascias, soffits and guttering, our roof repairs cover every possible need. For more information on specific roof repairs that you may require, please contact us.


3. Roof Replacement


Perhaps even more dreaded than roof repairs, the decision to undergo a complete roof replacement is never taken lightly. Here at SAS Roofing & Building Ltd, we take every step possible to ensure that any client in Haslemere having a roof replacement feels at ease with the work being carried out. Our roofers communicate openly and honestly, and always provide homeowners with updates on the progress of the work. With our expertise and experience, we turn potentially stressful roof replacement jobs into stunning, brand new roofs of the highest quality.


4. Roof Moss Removal


While the growth of moss on roofs of Haslemere properties is inevitable, it can be perfectly managed through our roof moss removal service. Similar services carried out by unaccredited roofing companies have received negative press in recent years, but their actions in no way represented those of a reputable roofing company. Our roofers undertake roof moss removal work by scraping it clean and applying a fungicide to kill off any remaining spores. As a customer-focused roofing company, our roof moss removal service doesn’t negatively affect roofing materials in any way.


5. Customer Service


If there’s one constant we hold as equally important as the outstanding level of our workmanship, it’s the standard of our customer service. From Haslemere to any of the surrounding areas, we recognise that without our loyal and valued clients, we wouldn’t be a building and roofing company at all. Our roofers can be called out on a 24-hour basis for emergencies that occur overnight, ensuring that a situation can be managed and assessed as quickly as possible. We also provide free, no-obligation quotations, and we don’t ask for any deposit payment. In addition, we honour all manufacturer’s guarantees on the products we use, as well as offering a 1-year guarantee on work completed by our roofers and builders.

If you’re interested in roof repairs, roof moss removal, a roof replacement or building work in Haslemere, call 01428 909 727, 01730 290727 or 01428 909727.

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